Event Cinemas


More than ever, people need a reason to switch off from the chaos of their day-to-day lives; from social media to emails, news to politics. Event gives you an escape from the ‘real world’.

With a different world behind every door, people can immerse themselves in new experiences, from the luxury of Gold Class or the epicness of 4DX, to the fun of Junior.

The challenge was to create a brand to match these experiences. It needed multiple dimensions but a single DNA.



We started by creating an overarching black and white masterbrand. This forms the brand DNA, and allows the multitude of content to stand out.

The visual language was inspired by the prominent Event ‘V’, feeding into a suite of 2D patterns, immersive motion sculptures and cinema-inspired typography.

All brand elements are remixed to take on the characteristics of the different worlds, united by a simple logo ticker.


Motion Graphics – Never Sit Still
Sound Design - Smith & Western