Frozen Coca–Cola


Australian summers are iconic, but they’re also absolute scorchers.

Since the 90s, Australians have been enjoying the icier side of their favourite soft drinks to get them through a hot summer's day.

As the Frozen offer expanded, the overall experience and identity was inconsistent and fragmented across multiple brands, customers and price points.

So how do you unite a famous yet uniquely diverse range of brands and deliver the experience that goes one better?

Well it’s simple really, you freeze them.



We developed the Frozen brand platform idea: 'Amplify your favourite experiences'. It was all about taking fun to the next level and making great moments with frozen and friends even more exciting.

A unique 'Frozen' identity ties all the soft drinks together under one brand whilst not detracting from the individual products. Allowing us to add a playful approach - amplifying the fun and seriously unserious character of Frozen.


Illustration – Ilana Bodenstein