How do you create a craft beer at an entry level price point for the mass Australian market?



Tinny ~ Plural noun: Tinnies

A can of beer. “Let’s crack open a tinny, mate.”

Aussies are a no nonsense bunch. They say it how it is.

So what better name for a beer than ‘Tinnies’ – an Australian slang term for beer in a can.

The creative for each variant is inspired by the craft of making beer. From the inner workings of the brewing pipes to the sensorial passion and precision of the craft. It’s an ode to the home brew and a curious look into the mind of the maker.

3 Aussie beers. 2 Aussie artists. 1 born and bred Aussie brand.

So fire up the barbie, hit the beach or park and go grab yourself a tinny, mate.


Illustration– Alex Lehours & Jefton Sungkar